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  • Ryan B Ryan B Nov 22, 2011 10:57 PM Flag

    bored and answering questions

    I've got Megatron vs.GB (GB is 3rd in points against WR)he's a must start but most of my others guys are to... out of these 4 which 2 should I start:

    1. G. Jennings vs. Det. (Det. is 25th in points against WR)
    2. V. Jax vs. Den (Den. is 6th in points against WR)
    3. S. Smith (Car.) vs. Ind (Ind is 2nd in points against WR)
    4. W. Welker vs. Phi. (Phi is 15th in points agianst WR)

    to answer your question:
    WR: Wallace, Andre, and Manninghan
    RB: sjax and MJD.... even though lynch has been good I dont trust em and he has as tough as a matchup as MJD

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