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  • CD CD Nov 17, 2011 9:00 AM Flag

    Late Playoff Run- Week 11 Dilema

    Got my self into two touch predicaments, but cant really complain about the options i have to choose from at RB. However, my QB dilemma is a little worse off. I am allowed to start 1 QB, and 2 RB/s... please post your opinions.

    QB: Fitzpatrck VS miami, or Tebow VS Jets

    RB: I am coming out now and Saying M. Bush VS minn is a lock, but RB2 is a toss up between S. Green vs DEN, B. Jacobs vs PHI, or the Law firm vs KC.


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    • Fitz, I actually like Jacobs against Philly. Philly has one of the worst run D's in the league, and Jacobs should get the start, very likely to score, might get to 100 yds. LT's role likely to be replaced by McKnight, not Greene (who can't catch the ball). If you want to be a risk taker, go with Green Ellis against KC as NE will be nursing a lead all day. Also, look at Denver's run D the last few weeks, they have tightened up a lot since early in the season and teams are exploiting them using the pass

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      • I like to take Fitz, but as dumb as this sounds i feel like Tebow has been the more reliable play. Even though he struggles passing, he still puts up 14-16 FP a week. On top of that, Fitz has looked god awful the past few weeks.

        I agree about Philly's defense. However, i feel like the Jets will be nursing the lead all day as well, which means Greene should get a decent workload. With regards to the Lawfirm; ever since i acquired him in a trade a few weeks ago, has been practically worthless. So in this "must win" week, i am having difficulty contemplating starting him.

    • Greene and Fitz


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