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  • Larry Larry Nov 9, 2011 5:57 AM Flag

    I just traded Frank Gore for Cam Newton. Was it a mistake?

    I had Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB and my RBs were Gore, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson. CJ2K was on the bench because he's been terrible. Now he moves into Gore's spot.

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    • Not really in my eyes.

      Turner is very bankable for 80-90 yards and a touchdown every game.

      Steven Jackson is looking like a man possessed right now, I think that game against the Saints helped him greatly.

      Chris Johnson seems like now he realizes he better step up his game, and he did just that this past week.

      Fitzpatrick is starting to go downhill, the wheels are starting to fall off the wagon for him.

      Fantasy stats wise, Cam Newton is your best bet.

      Gore is solid, don't get me wrong but you have a pretty solid foundation of RBs.

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      • Okay, for some reason people are telling me that I got ripped off. I did help the other guy a lot because he already has Aaron Rodgers and his RBs were bad.

        It's my first season playing fantasy football so I'm wondering if there's something I missed. Maybe it seems bad because Cam's a rookie and Gore is a proven quantity?

        What would an equivalent trade be in the NBA? Did I just trade Kobe Bryant for John Wall?


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