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  • Big Rizzle Big Rizzle Nov 6, 2011 2:40 AM Flag

    Pick 3 I will answer yours

    PPR League WR and RB help
    3 Spots available Pick out of the 5
    S. Johnson, S. Rice, L. Blount, D. Murray
    So far I have Starting
    WR: DJax, S. Rice
    RB: Ray Rice, Murray
    Flex: Blount
    I have Nicks on the bench but he seems like a bad play since he prob will not and S. Johnson is on revise island so I am unsure about this week as I have my QB, D, and Kicker on bye.....
    Starting Sidney Rice over Johnson bc he has done it against Dallas all the time, I know people think Baldwin is TJacks guy but I do not think so, people are just Ding up Rice and focusing on him, with the number 1 corner out this week for Dallas I think this is a viable play but I may be wrong...


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