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  • Daryl Daryl Dec 28, 2010 7:19 PM Flag

    Tonights Starters...Webb, AP, DJax....

    Everyone seems to be asking the same "who do i start?" questions on the same people.......and everyone is just giving their guesses with no facts. So here are some facts:

    *DJax...has been inconsistant thoughout the year due to overprotection by the D. He's known for big yards and big plays, but not much on short routes. In standard scoring, only 7 times in 15 games has he scored double digit fantasy points (last week was on last play only) and only 4 times over 20 points. And as soft as the Minn D might be, he scored low against other soft defenses like Houston (8.40).

    *AP...has been hurt all week and didnt play last week. Says he's ok to play, but they're not going to risk injury on him so I dont think he'll get as many touches as he was getting ....especially with Gerhart playing well as his back-up. In the last 6 games, he's only scored double digit fantasy points in two games and one was only 13pts. Although Minn is a pretty soft defense.....he hasnt looked the same the last few weeks.

    *Webb...With Favre out, he's starting and no matter the issues, he's a QB that can be used in a WR slot. In his last 2 games, Webb has shown he's an athlete....just not a great QB. He runs fast and has a decent arm. Some of his throws have looked good. But look at his history, last week he got 13points.....and look how he did it. He only played just over 2 quarters...against a Bears D....and in the wind and snow. He was better than most WRs last week (EVEN DJAX!) on only about half a game. He probably didnt get near the warm-up that Farve got and he had to sit cold for the first quarter and a half. Maybe I'm looking into it....but he looks like Vick when he was first in the league. He looks to run first, throw second...the battle of the Vicks...lol. Even with the extra practices this week, I dont think he'll score 20-30 points but 15 is easily reachable...and better than many WRs.

    S.Rice...He's had 1 double digit fantasy game....after that his highest game was 6pts (standard). And that was with Favre playing....Webb has an arm, but not as accurate so just about anyone looks better than Rice based on history.

    Harvin...He's been Minn go-to guy and was the only other player on the Vikings with decent fantasy points last week (13pts). He's had 8 double digit games this year, but 2 games he was out so could've been more. Again, you have to look at Webb's accuracy.....but he was ok last week with Webb.

    Maclin...Has had 7 double digit games this year, but has had some real bombs for games....scoring as low as 1pt a couple times. He's hot and cold, but it seems that the games DJax is quiet....Maclin is the guy. Who do you think Minn is going to focus on after a game-winning return TD was preceded by a 200+yard and a TD in Dallas?...thats right, DJax.

    Ok, so everyone comment once the game has started and tell me how wrong I was....

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