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    Who do i start. Anquan Boldin who has been heavily struggling lately vs. a revived and renewed New Orleans defense...

    or Sidney Rice and his horrible QB situation vs. an actually decent Bears Defense?

    Answer that and ask away...I'll be here for at least a half hour.

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    • if favre is in, go rice, if not, boldin

      I need 3 wr, fitzgerald rice b lloyd, wallace, and branch.

      also 1 qb out of kitna flacco or cutler. im leaning kitna but i dont know what to do with my wr

    • From Chicago....Tough start for Sidney....Favre may play but gimpy (Too risky to depend on in ff play offs)...Need to monitor Jacksons health which doesnt look good...Practice squad garbage qb may be there only option...Granted Vikes have great tools but if happens look to seeheavy load to AP and Vinsanthe. Boldin and rest of team at least have motivation from local paper calling them a one and done playoff squad...Dont forget it is also cold as hell out here and U of M will be a fridgid game only Brady ever looks to pass with success in...Hope i helped a bit...Todd-Chicago

    • i would start boldin but if farve plays this week than start rice
      anquan boldin vs NO
      larry fitzgerald vs car
      santonio holmes vs pit
      mike williams(sea) vs atl
      michael crabtree vs sd
      louis murphy vs den

    • i would go with boldin.

      out of these 4-start two-h2h default scoring-rice, torain, tolbert, benson

      out of these 4-start one-h2h default scoring-cutler, garrard, cassel, mcnabb

    • start Boldin...i have S. Rice and i'm benching him per QB situation

      critique my roster please:
      Current Starting Lineup
      QB - Brady
      WR - B Lloyd
      WR - M. Wallace
      RB - R. Rice
      RB - BJ Green Ellis
      TE - Gates (pettigrew if Gates doesn't play)
      WR/RB/TE - L. Blount

      S. Rice
      Big Ben
      pettigrew - backup for gates as stated above


    • boldin

      ok here is what i think....tell me if u think if i should make changes--------->

      QB-micheal vick
      WR-vincent jackson
      WR-mike willams(TB)
      WR-larry fitzgerald
      RB-knowshon moreno
      TE-tony gonzalez
      K-shaun suisham


      BN..QB-david garrard
      BN..WR-brandon lloyd
      BN..WR-chad ochocinco
      BN..RB-mike tolbert
      BN..RB-ryan torain
      BN..TE-kevin boss

      P.S-----------------non ppr leauge..... i gotta win!!!

    • I'd run with Boldin. The QB situation in MIN is too scary, especially vs. CHI D.

      Answer me this... Which 2 RB's do I start? PPR league.

    • Boldin.....

      Pick 2: Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White or Marques Colston

      Pick 2: Steven Jackson, Peyton Hillis, Ray Rice, Brandon Jacobs or LaDanian Thomlinson

      Pick 1: *(For W/R Flex Position): out of any of the remaining not starting


    • Becuase of the qb situation (as you said) and the weather is supposed to be terrible if they play at Gophers stadium, I would go with Boldin. Also, the ravens haven't been able to run the ball very well either, so I would think they'll have to pass more than usual.

    • you got to go with boldin for sure. Flacco is gonna have a big day.

      Who would you start at wr from my team. pick 2:

      Mike williams (tb)
      malcom floyd
      vincent jackson
      stevie johnson

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