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    HAWK: Week 15 Rankings ADVICE

    Hey Guys,

    Well we finally made it to the playoffs! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my articles and rankings. I look forward to reading your questions each week, and enjoy all of the time you guys put into keeping me busy lol. Good luck this week everyone! Here are the rankings… www.hawkball.com

    - Hawk

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      • So I made it. Awesome match last week. I beat my opponent by 96 points.I only wish I could've saved some of those to tack on for the BIG match this week. Non PPR league

        Playing someone with CJ2K, Mendenhall, D.Jax, Megatron, Nicks, Flacco. And a few others.

        At this point I am completely undecided as to what I want to do

        QB=Vick FTW!

        WRs i'm not 100% on. Need 3


        RBs Not 100% on either




        K Carpenter

        D Sandy Eggo.

        So i'm leaning towards V.Jax, Lloyd, Webb for my WRs Although I found out last night that Rodgers is playing, although it is a hard Giants secondary. And Rice, Charles for my RBs, without much research, I would really appreciate any advice.

    • My Team for Week 16:

      QB: Schaub
      WR: Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne
      RB: Mendenhall and Torain
      TE: Watson
      W/R: DJax
      K: Kaeding
      DEF: SD

      FJax, Tolbert, Westbrook, Sidney Rice, Philly D, 

      I'm torn for my RBs and I'm thinking about dropping Watson for another TE.

      Some notables on waivers:
      Dustin Keller
      Zach Miller (OAK)
      Anthony Fasano
      Kevin Boss
      Brent Celek

      What should I do?

    • Hey Hawk how are you doing? Thank you for all the advice over the years. This is my last week of playing for good. I am in the championship game but I don't know if I have enough to win or not? I mean if I don't I at least get silver and go out with back to back trophies of gold and silver which has never been down in my league. At the very least do you think I will get a 100 points this week?
      My Line Up
      QB- Schaub
      QB- Grossman
      WR- Vincent Jackson- Loved the 25 last week from him
      WR- Steve Johnson though I could play woodhead
      RB- MJD
      RB- Torain
      Flex RB- BJGE
      TE- Boss or Hernandez,- I also have tamme but I don't trust him
      K- Suisham- though I have adam v but my gut says pittsburgh should score a ton
      Defense- Pittsburgh

      My Opponent's Line UP
      QB- Vick
      QB- Garrard
      WR- Roddy White
      WR- Desean Jackson
      RB- Hillis
      RB- Bradshaw
      Flex RB- Blount
      K- Bironais
      Defense- Cleveland

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      • hey fleury, no problem! glad to hear you're in the championship game!!!

        well first off, your opponent is definitely stacked this week. however lucky for you, your team does offer a bunch of huge upside guys if they can manage to hold their own this week....especially with grossman, steve johnson and green-ellis. im thinking at TE go with hernandez and his boom potential for another TD this week. at kicker its always a toss up and suisham is worth it. overall your team offers a lot of high upside so lets hope they can come through.

        have a great holiday!

    • I have andre johnson, hes a lock. colston, im assuming hes a lock too. I need to pick another 2 WR from these 4:

      malcom floyd
      brandon lloyd
      mike wallace
      joe webb (assuming he starts)

      bonus question lol- ryan fitzpatrick, shaun hill (if he starts), or kerry collins?


    • This is NOT a ppr league
      pick 3
      Calvin Johnson
      Mike WIlliams(TB)
      Kenny Britt
      Malcom Floyd
      Percy Jackson
      Pick 2
      Arain Foster
      Ahmad Bradshaw
      Brainn Westbrook

    • k....... dallas, jacksonville , atlanta or STL?? put hem in order from best to worst and why please.. need to win championship

    • Made it to the championship so I need your help lol
      Llyod vs hou , britt vs kc, or Webb vs eagles. thanks

    • hey hawk bad news man i was knocked out of the semis by 1.16pts smh favre killed me last night with harvin getting 23 pts i really hate him for that if webb started i would've won but now im fighting for 3rd place in my league next week heres my lineup:

      Andre Johnson
      LeSean McCoy
      Jimmy Graham

      Flex Spots
      Wiliams TB
      L Fitz
      Steve Johnson


      K- Matt Bryant

    • Hey, I finally made it to the championship. In PPR league, I have:
      Choice flex
      Kaeding k
      Patriot def

      Williams (sea
      R. Jennings
      Jacoby Ford
      I was thinking of picking up Charger defense. Is there any changes that can be made?

    • Hawk I posted on your Week 16 thread! SHould I post here too??

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