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  • Jon Jon Dec 11, 2010 11:11 PM Flag

    Weather Issues

    It sounds like the weather in Chicago tomorrow will be snowy and windy gusting up to 50 mph. I have 3 players in the passing game going. Who should I start in each case:
    Cutler (vs NE) or Schaub (vs Bal)
    Welker (vs Chi) or Ward (vs Cin)
    Aaron Hernandez (vs Chi) or Zach Miller (vs Jac)
    Thanks for any help!

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    • Thanks all for your advice!

    • what do you think about starting the bears defense?

    • I would check the report before the game tomorrow for the Bears/Patriots game, but if it is as bad as the forecast, I wouldn't play Cutler. Schaub will be able to post better numbers in a dome stadium. You could also consider Kitna in Dallas if he's available because it should be a shootout and Philly hasn't played very good defense against the pass with Assante Samuel out. He's not playing again tomorrow.

      Welker and Hernandez may be okay because they'll run a lot of shorter routes. I actually dropped Ward in my league. He's burnt me too many times this year, and I'm just not risking it anymore with him. He could have a good game (good not great), or he could put up 0-2 points. I can't risk that output at this point in the season.

      You may want to see if Dickson in Baltimore is available. He's starting for Heap, and Houston gives up the most points to opposing TEs this year.

      Just my thoughts...good luck!!!

    • I would go with Schaub teams have been able to pass on Balt D
      Welker if weather is bad that is his specialty short stuff
      Miller but it is a coin flip

    • Personally, my choices are Cutler, I think he will do well!!
      Welker, because he's a better option...I'm a Steeler fan and Ward gets ball every now and again...Ben likes him, but Ben is injured...not a good option for Ward!
      Third, Hernandez, don't know exactly why, but I think he will see ball tomorrow a lot for flex plays!
      Hope it helps and good luck!!!


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