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  • Nate Nate Oct 28, 2010 12:47 AM Flag

    WR help?

    For my receivers I have Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Pierre Garcon, and Danny Woodhead. I figure Johnson is a lock and so is Garcon with Clark and Collie out. I'm not sure which Pat to start though. Welker has been somewhat of a disappointment this season so far coming off that bad knee, but this is the 3rd year in a row I've had him on my team so I'm somewhat partial to him and with Woodhead being a hybrid fantasy player doesnt that give him some added value? I'm struggling with my receiver line up so ill take any advise anyone is willing to give please!!!

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    • I'd still have to go with Welker here

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      • yeah i hear ya there...my gut says to go with wes but i look at his numbers and he just hasnt been playing that great since opening week...i love the guy, hes been a fantasy work horse for me for a long time im just indecisive about this one as i dont really think there is a wrong answer, i just want to make sure i pick the better of the two

    • I agree with joeBlow. Yeah, Wes isn't getting many grabs, but Woodhead hasn't been all that impressive. He's gotten a lot of talk but he doesn't produce that much.

    • Personally I would stay with Wes Welker if you have a PPR league. The Pats don't have much of a run game, and if Woodwead were to get catches, it wouldn't be for many yds in my opinion. Remember, the Pats also have Deion Branch and Hernandez to throw to, so perhaps Woodhead would be a 4th option.

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      • I wish i was in a ppr league but im not otherwise it would be no question at all lol...you think woodhead is worth hanging onto though because of the hybrid fantasy position or does it not really matter? hes the first player ive ever had in the 5 years ive done fantasy that can play rb and wr so not sure how to use him as im pretty set at running back already (benson, torain, brandon jackson, and pierre thomas if he ever gets healthy)

    • defenses are not letting welker beat them and they are going to keep it that way until someone like Woodhead makes em pay. Generally speaking... I like my WR3 to generate 5 points. If I can get 5 points I'm satisfied. Therefore, either option is acceptable, but I like Woodhead this week instead of Welker because the MIN D is generally pretty stingy against WR's. Only two WR's have gone over 75 yards against them this year.

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      • agreed...im not sure if there is a wrong answer im just not sure...i get where your going on minnesotas D but i know their secondary is really hurtin right now and brady could pick them apart...although their rush D hasnt lived up to standards from recent years, the jets are the only ones who really hurt them on the ground and they're argueably the best rushing team in the league...im thinkin im better off just flipping a coin and making my switches and staying off the computer til monday lol


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