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  • Yoshi Yoshi Oct 27, 2010 10:25 PM Flag

    Answer mine and I'll answer yours?!?!?

    Need 1 Rb due to bye.....LeGarrett "knock out" Blounte, Shonn "overrated" Greene, Ricky "smoke one" Williams or Brandon "thank god grant is injured" Jackson

    Other options:
    Danny "small" Woodhead
    Michael "gray" Bush

    Now show me yours?

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    • Reggie "crabs in your" Bush

    • I'm in a really similar situation.
      I think if Marshawn Lynch Mob is available, he's a more solid starter this week.

      Of those guys, Bounte or Williams would be the best bet. I'm starting Ronnie Brown. They're interchangeable really.

      8 options for my FLX guy. pick one, help me out.

      1. Beanie Wells vs TB - TB is weak vs the runs, and TB looks to go more towards the more sure-handed wells.

      2. Dwane Bowe vs BUF - Buf is far worse vs the run than pass, but not good there either. KC is a run first team, but Bowe has had 2 TD catches in each of the last two games.

      3. James Jones vs JET - The Jets have 2 fantastic CBs, so look for Jennings and Driver to be the focus of coverage. With the Jets blitzing so often, Jones should have a good game against a rookie CB.

      4. Patrick Crayton vs TEN - Tennessee has a very solid Def, but Crayton has been near the 100 yard marker for 2 straight weeks, with injuries keeping other players out. NeeNee comes back this week, but Rivers doesn't seem to have the confidence in him as he does with Crayton. SD needs to win this week, so I think they're going to throw the ball big.

      5. Legarrette Blount vs ARI - ARI isn't very good against the run, and it looks like Blount is outperforming the Cadillac so he'll be getting around 65% of the rushes... Could be a breakout game.

      6. Larry Fitzgerald vs TB - He's near the top of the league in balls thrown his way, however, he's only caught less than 50% of the balls. If he had a better QB this would not be a question, but he's still one of the best WRs in the game.

      7. Brandon Jackson vs JET - a tough game for him vs the very strong run def. He doesn't get straight runs often, but instead gets a lot of draw plays and screen passes, which means that he should fare better this week than other RBs.

      8. Roy Williams vs JAX - he's a great WR, and if Romo didn't get hurt, I'd be confident in starting him. But he is hurt, so I'm not sure about him starting this week. However, if Kitna is to start, he is going up against the best possible oppenent this week. JAX is horrible vs the pass so he still could do well...

    • i would either do mike "shave that" bush or "smoke a " blount.

    • Blount sounds good this week...

      OK so for week 8...

      Davone "GOOD, BETTER" Bess @ CIN or
      "IRON" Mike Williams (SEA) @ OAK

    • i'd say blount. my question is the same should i drop ricky for blount?


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