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  • speedy speedy Oct 25, 2010 9:43 AM Flag

    Ward/Flacco for Z.Miller/Romo

    i give:
    hines ward and flacco

    i get:
    zach miller and romo

    MY TEAM:

    QB:flacco, vick, stafford
    WR: S.Smith, Ward, Wallace, Sidney Rice, Crabtree, D.Alexander
    RB:CJ2K, Best, F.Jones, M.Bush, Lynch
    TE: Moeaki


    QB:orton, romo
    WR: Santana moss, kenny britt, gaffney, naanee
    RB:AP, B.Jackson, Washington, Buckhalter
    TE: Zach Miller, Shockey, Carlson

    HE'S A HUGE STEELERS FAN. with ward putting up solid numbers, and flacco playing pretty well i think i could pull this off.


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    • looks to me like you really just need miller. im a flacco believer. i know vick will start in week nine, and you can use romo in for your week eight qb bind . all this i think you need to evalluate wether ward for miller is worth it. i dont think so. im trying to trade for ward. moeike has a relaxed schedual coming up so he may be the te everybody wishes they had. see if he will do crabtree and maybe you give someone else for miller. wards value will rise

    • I don't see why you would make that trade?

      Ward is gold with Roethlisberger back and Flacco has been looking better than Romo these past weeks.

      OK Zach Miller is an upgrade to Moeaki, but Moeaki is decent and losing Ward really hurts your already weak WRs.

    • I wouldnt do it hines ward will give u more pts then zach miller i mean if u think u need a better a te i would see about fa


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