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  • Troy Troy Sep 6, 2010 6:22 PM Flag

    Rate My Team!

    Standard Scoring. No PPR

    QB-Tom Brady
    WR1-Desean Jackson
    WR2-Percy Harvin
    WR3-Lee Evans
    RB1-Chris Johnson
    RB2-Ricky Williams
    TE-Antonio Gates
    K-Nate Kaeding

    BN-Thomas Jones
    BN-Vince Young
    BN-Heath Miller
    BN-Mohamad Massaquoi
    BN-Mike Williams(SEA)
    BN-Santonio Holmes

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    • I would say you have a very good team. In my opinion, the weak link is your wide receiver corps. Jackson will have success using his talents to great effect when the ball comes his way, but the verdict is out on Kolb, and from the preseason it has been shown that his skills under pressure diminish. Percy Harvin will continue to impress, but his migraines may affect his playing time; expect him to miss a couple of games sidelined by that issue. Lee Evans is a great talent, but a talent all by his lonesome, so defenses key up and shut down the opportunities he has to shine. This is without factoring his lack of QB skills to utilize his talent. Mike Williams is good sleeper pick and will contribute, as will Santonio Holmes when he comes off suspension. Mohamad is the WR1 for Cleveland, but that city has never had any luck getting all the pieces to click, so I think he could be a frustrating points contributor to know when to play and when to bench. These WR criticisms could all be balanced by Johnson dominating the running game again, so I don't think you have much reason to worry. The Eagles defense will help you as well, because Kolb will not dominate as an offensive powerhouse, and that will keep a capable defense on the field churning out points for you. Overall, you have a commendable draft that should contend well. Good luck!

    • Anybody else? Its a 10 person league

    • Good for 8 people and up. please check out my post its " Championship worthy team"


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