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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 21, 2009 11:01 PM Flag

    Pick 2 RBs!! Championship!!

    Ricky Williams hosting HOU

    Beanie Wells hosting STL

    Steven Jackson @ ARI

    Jerome Harrison hosting OAK

    Jamal Charles @ CIN

    Laurence Maroney hosting JAC THANKS!!!

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    • I see why you are in the championship with those RBs - it's too bad you don't have a flex position! Anyway, it may seem crazy to sit Steven Jackson, but he's beat-up pretty bad and I like Ricky and Beanie better here...Beanie is gaining snaps from Hightower by the second and is now at about 75% or more...he's a must start against that terrible D.

      Houston does not play the run well at all and Ricky has been running really well this year...plus he runs A LOT with Ronnie Brown out...

      Charles has a tough matchup and isn't quite proven yet...KC did well against Cleveland offensively but that was Cleveland...

      Finally, Mr. Wannabe Jim Brown was AMAZING last week and has a good matchup against the Raiders (it would have been great but the Raiders are coming around lately...beating Denver was a solid win!)...so you would think he's a must-start but with only two slots and all that talent, you can't risk your championship game on someone that's not proven...and it's not necessarily him...the coach is crazy and may play Jennings a lot...he's done it before...him and Kubiak need to be fired...Arian Foster is a prime example on why you just can't start a guy like Harrison quite yet...probably a little more extreme of an example because Harrison is more proven but still...start Ricky and Beanie and I bet that's enough fire power...

    • Really? Why not Beanie against STL?? I think Charles will get shut down this week

    • I would say Ricky and Charles. They helped me get to the Championship so I am rolling with them.


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