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  • dubyadipp dubyadipp Oct 24, 2009 10:08 PM Flag

    Strategy (Big Time) Dilemma. Expert Help Please

    here's the deal. i'm playing the #1 team in our league this week, and have a shot to take him down. i'm wondering if this strategy (explained below) would work in my favor, or it it would actually be my demise.

    i'm killed with bye week players, and need a wr AND flex to cover.

    currently, i've got austin collie in the wr slot and justin fargas as the flex (thinking he might be good for something against a banged up jets d).


    i could sit either fargas or collie, and put in breaston.

    this might not sound crazy, but the other owner is starting warner and boldin (still questionable, but should be limited). i already have fitz starting, and am wondering if it is too AZ heavy (especially against the giants).

    i think it would be like a big F-U to the to my #1 opponent if boldin sits, gets nothing, and fitz and breaston get the pass heavy points (like the saints just did).

    i'm wondering who benefits more? are the points that my players score become theoretically cancelled out from warner touchdowns, or does it hedge any non-Fitz touchdowns that warner may score against me?

    i'm nervous and could use any advice? i'm still thinking of laying up and going with collie and fargas, but it's out there?

    try to convince me.

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