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  • The Apocalypse The Apocalypse Oct 23, 2009 9:22 PM Flag

    Bench Adrian Peterson?

    Joseph Addai vs RAMS
    Ladanian Tomlinson vs KC
    Those 2 have better match ups.

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    • You two who say to bench AP...your nuts. Even if he is against one of the best D's. even if hes got a tough matchup, YOU DONT BENCH AP. I agree with the other dude who said its a golden rule in fantasy. He may have a bad game. He may have a great game. But you do not bench AP. I wish I had AP right now, even if he played a tough team every week. Besides, I think Favre is gonna get shut down with Troy back on the throne, so I say Vikings lean more towards the outside pitch play, or the quick dump to the great RB. Bottom line, dont bench AP. Bench somone else. LT's got a good matchup, but hes done nothing this year...


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