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  • Darryl Darryl Sep 1, 2009 3:45 PM Flag

    How's my team...?

    can tell me what needs to be improved? who are my weaker links?

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    • I would definitly drop Holt, and Cotchery. They really have nothing to offer. One is old, and the other hasnt done anything in 3 years except when Farve was there. But I would hold off until week 3 or 4, and see what players in the league really start to play well. I personally never have great drafts. I am in a league(my favorite) where we can protect 2 players every year. So I usually end up having the following years 1 and 2 round picks traded away( we do that in our league, trade up to 2 years ahead picks). Long story short I work the hell out of the free agent market in season. Risky, but if you can get guys easy in season with high potential showing its worth it. Colston, Bryant, Jonathon Stewart were all players I picked up at weeks 4,5,6 in free agency last year. I did it early but if you can wait for them it really pays off.
      Just my advice...


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