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  • Plankton Plankton Aug 23, 2009 10:55 AM Flag

    draft advise please

    my draft is tonight. i have the 11th pick in a 12 team league.
    im forecasting jacobs,westbrook.portis will be there at 11. im leaning towards portis #1 andra johnson #2 grant #3 moreno #4. i believe i can get these players. ill focus on qb and wrs later in the draft. what do you think?

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    • Portis could be a bust, don't do it. The QB situation is bad, so teams will stuff the run. He's not going to play on 3rd downs this year, he did last year. Take the stats down 25%.

      Moreno could be a bust too. How often is DEN going to run the ball when the team is down by 20? He's not Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson played for a winning team that ran the ball.

      I think if you with any of these two players, you'll be in afor a long grueling season. Rule #1: Don't choke on your top picks.

      Best of luck.

    • id go with k.smith round 2 he is going to have a breakout year and he has no timeshare. westbrook is going to give carries to mccoy and as the previous guy said so will jacobs. If you want a rec grab johnson first

    • should take gore, chris johnson, Steve Slaton or LT if he slips @ that spot, on way back down, highest rated WR, probably a Calvin or Andre Johnson. Portis has too many miles, grant has injury issues also, moreno will share too many carries. You seriously need to do a mock draft or two, because even if you got your top 4 picks your team would be mediocre at best. TOP END WR is where ur efforts should be in this years draft, There are plenty of RBS this year.

    • westbrook for sure. jacobs is going to share carries with those 2 other RBs and you never know what you get with Portis. Westbrook is a gamebreaker he runs hard and he is a HUGE threat in the passing game which gives you an extra element.


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