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  • whoaa whoaa Aug 20, 2009 2:52 PM Flag

    rate my squad , 10 team , start 2 qb's, flex

    QB -palmer , ryan , favre
    RB -D.williams , M. lynch, L. johnson , j. lewis , a. bradshaw . mccoy
    WR - R. moss ,Cal.johnson , B. edwards , p. harvin
    TE - k winslow
    D -san diego

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    • i will rate yours if you rate mine

    • Your QBs are really weak. Matt Ryan is the best out of the bunch. Dont expect much from Palmer or Favre.

      RBs: Deanglo Williams is your only top-tier running back. Lynch will be suspended a couple games from his offseason incidents...and even last year, when he played the whole season, his production fell waaaay off the 2nd half of the season. Your remaing RBs wont give you much help...maybe Bradshaw will be alright.

      WRs: Moss and Johnson are top-tier...they will be fine. Edwards is a bust. Harvin will produce below-avg stats with Berrian and the TE's in MINN becomming main targets of Favre.

      TE: Winslow is 2nd-tier TE if he stays healthy.

      DEF: Chargers defense should be alright if everyone stays healthy and the offense can give them some backup and keep them off the field.

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      • thanks for the input ruck , safe to say your not expecting palmer to get any where near his old self and LJ and J lewis are wont be giving me much help either , with a 2 qb starting line up its tough to get 2 studs without suffering bigtime at wr or rb , thankfully its the only league i'm in that has 2 qb's starting week to week , thanks again


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