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  • tcelfer tcelfer Dec 16, 2008 3:44 PM Flag

    female manager asks for advice (needs 2 more wins)

    1. Romo -- Schaub is facing Oakland and no one has done very well against the Black Death.

    2. I'd go with Ward and Boldin.

    3. PT & T. Jones

    For the W/R spot I'd take probably C. Johnson

    For the Kicker, I'd check the waiver wire in your league.. There are some tasty matchups that I think would be better than Tampa. I believe Jeff Garcia will play this week so they are more likely to find the end zone than with Griese

    The Giants are playing Carolina this week.. I think you SHOULD be ok with your defense.. but there's probably someone like Dallas available in your league who has been racking up the sacks recently.. or someone like Philly or San Fran.

    Just my opinions though -- Good luck. I'm trying to figure out my line-up this week myself!