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  • Ray G Ray G Dec 13, 2008 11:22 PM Flag

    RB help agains Pthomas!

    So the scoring is a bit different for stantard 20y /pt rushing, .25 ppr, 25y /pt recieving, and 30y /pt return. 6 for Td. So Tds are more important, so is flexibility. which Rb should i start considering im againt P. thomas with 23.pts .

    D. Sproles

    also with My Qbs the Scoring is 50y ppt and 6pt/td, -3 for int
    Should i Play shaub or jason cambell,
    or i could pick up
    J russell

    Just to clarify, it means Yardages totals are must less appreciated than Td totals, and Ints hurt more

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    • You've got a tall hill to climb. First of all, Gore and Jacobs are either out (Jacobs) or probably out (Gore) and I wouldn't use him anyway in this match up. Fargas might have a chance against NE since NE is banged up. Sproles won't get the action, butmight get a lucky TD. Something tells me that McClain could get lucky. He's a big bruiser of a back and might get some goal line chances.

      Schaub will give you a high reward/high risk option, but I like him. Campbell is the opposite. Of the others. Wallace could be a good one because of his match up and running ability. There's a reason he's a back up, though, and I wouldn't expect last week's results. Either go with Wallace because of the match up or Schaub because of his skill and weapons. Tough call, but I'm picking Schaub.

    • time to turn in for the night. I just scanned your names and saw the list of qbs. didn't read schaub and campbell. garcia may be ok. there is an injury concern with garcia. guess there is one with schaub too considering he just got back and ten d is tough. your qb choices are tough. schaub would be my choice.

    • sorry, I missed rhodes on the list... rb: rhodes and then sproles a little over mclain because of return yards, but that is close.

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      • Thanks, thats what i was thinking but you know how hard it is to play two guys you pick up off week 15 free agency as your RB1 and Rb2 in the semi finals when you went the whole season with Gore, Jacobs, and McClain. just needed to be told i wasn't crazy. In terms of Most TDs for Qb though i think i'm going to have to play schaub. I see Wash running the ball all day and campbell putting up maybe 180-1-0, i see shaub puttin up maybe 250-3-2 given that most of his Rbs yards and TDs come off receptions. Garcia is my only question though, with being a little hurt and against a great ball control team, plus In division playoff hunt games always tend to be abit more defensive, limiting his ceiling. I was thinking he would have like 220-1-0 but i'm probably wrong. have you scouted/ seen him play alot this year? does he look like hell put put up big?

    • Mclain and sproles, qb maybe garcia


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