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  • Ryan K Ryan K Dec 5, 2008 6:22 PM Flag

    Advice for Playoff Game

    Here's my problem I have a really talented team all with tough matchups this week and all get hold or cold. Also my league is H2H but the scoring differs from standard for WRs (1 pt per catch, 5 pts for 175, 6 pts 200, and 7 for 225) for RBs ( 5 pts for 200, 7 pts for 250 and 9 pts for 300) Start 9 with WR/RB as third option. Heres my roster who do you start?
    McNabb or Delhomme
    Portis, Barber, Ronniw Brown, or Chester Taylor
    Lee Evans, DeSean Jackson, Braylon Edwards, TO, or Steve Breaston
    Cardnials or Vikings DEF/ST

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    • if you get points for dropped balls edwards is the answer, lol
      good luck

    • McNabb
      r brown
      c taylor
      D jax or Edwards
      Vikes def
      doesn't look real sexy as ur top 2 RB's are on your bench. but its the most reasonable options for you this week. hate B Edwards, but i think he may be a smarter play than Djax considering you have mcnabb at QB this week. although don't know what we are going to get from dorsey.
      i would play Djax this week, but you got to go with your gut.
      good luck, let us know how you did
      tough call


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