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  • Martin Martin Dec 2, 2008 11:09 AM Flag

    I Need Your Expert Opinion Please

    Ok... so it is the first week of they playoffs and I'm up against the #1 team.

    I need help choosing my QBs WRs and DEF.

    Choose 2:
    Jason Campbell, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassell

    Choose 4:
    Marvin Harrison vs. Cinci, Donnie Avery vs. Arizona, Amani Toomer vs Philli, Desean Jackson vs. NYG, Terrell Owens vs. Pitt, or Steve Smith(from the NYG) vs. Philli.

    DEF: Choose 1 of course.
    Atlanta vs. New Orleans
    Denver vs. Kansas City (I know they are bad but they are playing KC)


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    • Cassell & Campbell
      Jackson, Toomer, Owens, Harrison
      I don't like either D, but I'd go with Denver.

      Not expert, but rather two cents.

    • QB:
      Cassell is the easy pick.
      Fitzpatrick, I think the risk/reward is bigger here since Campbell has a bad matchup and is usually a low producer anyway.

      D. Jackson, T.O., Amani Toomer (since Burress shot himself), and Avery. I left our Harrison because I'm afraid they'll stop throwing if they get up big.

      D: Atlanta...why do you even own Denver?

    • It's easy to see why you're in 8th place with those options.

      Cassel at QB against Seattle, then Campbell
      Owens, Harrison, DeSean & Toomer (with Plaxico out).
      You're D picks are "unpickable". Denver I guess.

      • 1 Reply to kjay1955
      • Lol... hey... no need to bash my team now. I'm actually in 5th place in my league... I'm going against the #1 SCORING team... he just had two bad weeks in a row and fell back to 4th place. so I'm not in 8th place... lol but yes you would think I would be with this team.

        Ok now tell me who has the better team:

        QBs: Rivers & Rodgers Cassell & Campbell
        RBs: B. Jacobs, Forte, Bush Hightower, Stewart, T Jones
        WRs A. Gonzalez, Gaffney, Desean Jackson, T.O.
        Hilliard, Eddie Royal Toomer, Harrison
        TE: Todd Heap Zach Miller
        K: Adam Vinatieri Jeff Reed
        DEF Houston Denver or Atlanta


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