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  • Jason Jason Sep 20, 2008 11:10 AM Flag

    Kevin Walter or Bobby Engram?

    Both receivers have just been dropped to the waiver wire. Which one makes a better long term pick up this season? Walter's obviously playing now, but once Engram comes back after, say, week 5 or so, will he be better the rest of the year?


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    • neither, look at the teams that pass more than run. I rather have a #3 in a pass offense than a #2 in a run offense. more potential to get TD.

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      • Interesting point of view; however, when I look at the Texans, I do not see a team that will continue to emphasize the run going forward - if Steve Slaton is the best they have to offer, they're in trouble if they're going to play conservative. No, I see Matt Schaub starting to show what he's capable of in a more aggressive offense this year.

        As for Seattle, they have no choice but to play more conservative until Branch and Engram come back. When they do, the same coaching staff is in place that led Hasselbeck to so many passing yards over the past few seasons is still in place.

        In terms of adding depth to my WR core, I think either one deserves a low risk pickup off the waiver wire. I'm just trying to figure out which one.


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