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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 22, 2007 10:33 AM Flag

    Which RB do I start?

    I have Mcgahee as my 1st Rb and then either- Reggie Bush, Jerious Norwood projected for 8 points, And Kenny Watson- projected for 11 points RB's are the weakest part of my team and could use some help for the title game thanks!

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    • watson. reggie bush might not even play, norwood doesnt start. but kenny watson will start bc rudi johnson hasnt practiced. marvin lewis says "no practice, no playing"

    • I think Norwood has the most upside, but I'm actually leaning towards Watson. He has had some good games when he has started this year. Bush is injured and won't play that much. Who knows what the Falcons are planning at this point.

    • I think you go with Kenny Watson here because he'll take the bulk of the carries and give a few to Dede Dorsey. It won't be like Foster and Deangelo over in carolina, which is probably what Bush and Stecker will be if Bush even plays. Norwood is taking more and more carries away from dunn, b ut cmon, Dunn is like the team captain there. he's gonna want to play, so that'll be lke a spilt of carries too.

      In Cinci, it'll be all Kenny and he catches the ball exceptionally well out of the backfield. Cleveland D aint too good either unless its crazy snowing like last week.


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