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  • Rhihan Rhihan Dec 21, 2007 1:46 PM Flag

    Favre or McNabb for the Championship Game?

    Should I start start Favre or McNabb at QB for my Championship game?

    Pros - He's Brett Favre, he wants to beat the Bears because of an earlier loss, home field advantage may be at stake for the playoffs
    Cons - He's playing in Chicago in 22 degree weather, 26 mph winds with possible 40 mph gusts, and 40% chance of rain and snow mix, the Bears will play tough because it's a rivalry game

    Pros - He's playing indoors in a dome, the Saints have the 29th best pass defense so it should be a high scoring game, McNabb will be playing for his job as his time might be up in Philly, he did well last week against the Cowboys
    Cons - He's Donovan McNabb, he's inconsistent, he doesn't have any real deep threat receivers

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINIK! It's such a tough decision....


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    • I have the same two guys and playing for the championship too. Same dilemma. Right now I am leaning toward McNabb. McNabb and his inconsistency makes up for how bad New Orleans is in their secondary. You have to like the dome and be scared of Soldier Field. Chicago is playing for pride at this point. Wind of 25 miles per hour with higher gusts are not good conditions to throw in. I am going to watch the forecast closely. If the wind dies down by noon on Sunday I may go ahead and start Farve, unless it is snowing heavily. You are right about McNabb playing for a job.....even if its not in Philly. He wants to look good for whoever he signs with.....more money.
      Unless the conditions aren't too bad, I am starting McNabb. For me and our league, this will be a $550.00 decision since the winner gets $650.00 and the loser gets $100.00

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      • Yeah, for me, the winner gets $500 and the loser gets $250, so it's not as bad, but it would stink to lose because I picked the wrong QB. I really want to start Favre, unless weather conditions are really bad. And by really bad I mean winds that exceed 30 mph, because we all know that they'll buckle down and give it to Grant over and over if they have to, with only short passes. Favre's TDs have mostly come off long passes which will be tough in bad weather. Then again, sometimes, McNabb has no TDs....sooooo....yeah....

    • I am going Favre because he is not as unpredicatble as McNabb is right now. The wind and snow are only goign to force Favre to not bomb it downfield which has been hurting him as of lately. Short pass game to open long pass is where he was thriving earlier. Start the guy who got you to champs, not some dud. Now answer my question please :)


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