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    Rate My Team...Romo, Anderson, C. Johnson

    I'm just wondering what you all think of my team. I'm in second place in a ten league team. I also have the highest points at 946. Should I drop a RB for a wide receiver? You can be an A-hole if you want. I can handle it. lol

    Tony Romo (Always seems to be solid)
    Dereck Anderson (Another good option...surprisingly)

    Chad Johnson (Great in the start of the season.....and this week)
    Plexico Burress (Damn him lately with the ankle)
    DJ Hackett (He had a good one last week for me)
    Dwayne Bowe (seems hit or miss)
    Anthony Gonzalez (Just picked him up)

    Kolby Smith (Made me happy in Oakland)
    Frank Gore ( I had this slacker on the bench this week...damn)
    Cedric Benson (On waiver to pick up Peterson due to injury)
    Maurice Morris
    Andre Hall (Just picked him up)

    Dallas Clark
    Donald Lee

    Mason Crosby

    Bears (I keep them because I hope Hester is gonna run it back)
    Detroit (Sometimes they get lots of turnovers)


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    • Kolby Smith isnt that good im proud of him beating up on a weak oaklands rushing Defense which every rb beasts vs him hes not thta good!!!!! and Dwayne Bowe is a hit and miss and d.j hackett got hurt

    • You should see if J.Jones for GB is available on the wire, I think he is on the up. K.Smith is not likely to do any better than 2.1 per carry rest of the season, and I would look to aquire someone besides him. I pick A.Hall RB/DEN to be the next R.Grant and you should grab him if he is available.

    • Pretty solid squad. You can 86 Benson (he's out for the year!)
      Personally, I dont like keeping 2 TEs and 2 DEFs at this point of the season (now that byes are over with). I just look at the remaining schedule and stick with 1 each. I'd try to get another (semi)stud WR (since Plax, Hackett arent really 100%) and another (semi)stud RB (Andre's dinged up, Kolby might be an aberration, Gore is still hit or miss, etc).
      Work the waivers if you can: The other Adrian Peterson should take Cedric's place and look at Justin Gage or Reggie Williams as possible WR pick ups

    • Solid team...can you still trade? or past the deadline?

      If you can trade I'd try and toss Anderson or Romo for a stud WR.

      You cannot play both your QB's so pick one and stick with him for the rest of the season and playoffs. Get a stud WR and you're looking good.

      Other than under performing Gore you don't have any big name RBs but thats OK...you will have solid performers in Morris and CHI AP. Smith and Hall are a bit more on the edge but decent flex plays

      Good team...good luck....


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