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  • Mike! Mike! Nov 24, 2007 6:44 PM Flag

    6 WRs. 2 Start

    I've got 2 slots left for WR (I started Calvin Johnson already). The options are:

    Deion Branch (@ STL)
    DJ Hackett (@ STL)
    Torry Holt (vs SEA)
    Plaxico Buress (vs MIN)
    Lee Evans (@ JAC)
    Javon Walker (@ CHI)

    I'm almost definitely going to play one of the Seattle recievers (Branch and Hackett), although I'm not sure who I like better. The other spot is completely in the air though.

    Buress versus MIN would be an easy decision if it weren't for that ankle injury. As is, I don't really have confidence in his ability to perform.

    I'm really undecided about Evans. The JAC safties tend to play up, and that means he's got potential to go deep for big plays. However Evans tends to do poorly against good corners (see also, the first several games this year) so I'm afraid he'll underperform.

    Walker has a strong matchup, but in his first week back from knee surgery I don't think he'll be very involved in the offense.

    Holt is who I'm currently starting. Still, he's facing a good secondary and an above average pass-rush. This is not a matchup I particularly like, although I think it's the safest bet.

    As for Hackett versus Branch, I'm leaning towards Hackett. Branch just hasn't been very involved since coming back from his injury, and I'd like to see a bit more activity from Deion before I put him in my starting lineup.

    So: I'm leaning towards Hackett and Holt. Whadda ya think?

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