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  • deez nutz deez nutz Nov 20, 2007 11:21 PM Flag

    javon walker

    okay guys in javon walker worth picking up? he may play next week but hes going to be back in time for fantasy playoffs. i would be dropping either kurt warner, i have tom brady. or i would be dropping cal. johnson or dj hackett

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    • Of all the ppl you list I would toss Calvin Johnson. DJ is super hot right now and needs to be in your starting line-up.

      What other QB's are available? If there are plenty of decent pick-up options, Schaub, Clemens, Garrad, Cutler, etc then perhaps drop Warner. Then if something happens to Brady then you'd have plenty of replacement options. It's not like Kurt will ever start for you...even 1/2 of a game with Brady is worth more than an entire game by 50% of the QB's!!!

      I think Walker is a valuable addition. Cutler and the DEN offense are starting to click and Walker could do very well during fantasy playoffs. Who are your other WR's and how many do you start? Can you actually use him (it's not like you'll bench TJ or Wayne for Walker so you have to see if there is even a potential spot for him)

      hope that helps...

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      • okay here is my roster im in first place, now let me know if i should go get walker
        qb- brady, warner
        wr- moss, boldin, ward, marshall, cal.johnson, hackett
        rb- LT, lynch, mcgahee, chester taylor
        te- witten
        k- folk
        def- indy

        should i drop any of those to get walker, the reason im asking is bc i dont know if boldin will stay healthy

    • I would stay with what I had, but if you really wanted to, Walker could be good towards the end of the season and has a good chance of doing so, so if in a dream world Brady ( I say that cause I cant stand the pats :P ) gets hurt, you'll need warner. However that isnt likely, but still he could get hurt, so I would drop Cal. Johnson. in favor of walker but I am not sure I would start walker until seeing how he does.

    • Drop Warner. You can pick up a QB that will produce the same numbers off the free agent list when Brady sits during the playoffs.

    • Dude,
      Do you have anyone else that you can drop (besides the ones listed)? If not...I don't think that I would pick him up. Personally, I wouldn't drop any of the above mentioned players for Walker.


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