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  • ballsdeep ballsdeep Nov 18, 2007 11:07 PM Flag

    i hate new england

    yeah yeah yeah, wrong board. but there isnt a patriots bashing section.
    4th down up by plenty and going for it? what point is belichick trying to make? is it because he got caught cheating?
    if i were commish, i would have punished him where it hurts. his pocket book has plenty of padding, so the fine doesnt really hurt. they have 2 first rounders this year and their depth is almost unheard of. also doesnt hurt.
    so, since goodell is so suspension happy, why not suspend him or his coaching staff? or eye for an eye, where other teams get to see his playbook. anything would have been better than what he got.
    anyway, back to my reason for writting. please tell me the reason for going for it on 4th down, with a good lead, inside the red zone. twice! please dont say its the defenses job to stop them. so far this year nobodys d has stopped them. this is running up the score and nothing else. ive said this before during the pats-cowboys game, where the pats could have kneeled the ball and run out the clock, but decided to score one more when the game was already out of reach.
    i always thought it was an unwritten rule not to do this. but apparently belichick doesnt play by the rules, written or not.

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    • you bro but you are wrong there, when you already lead 42-7, what the hell is the difference if its 45-7 or 49-7, if they kicked a fg it would be running up the score, but instead they are giving the other teams the chance to stop em, its not there fault that the rest of the league cant compete with em. im sorry but thats all it is, they are in a league of there own, cheating or not cheating, YOU GOTA STOP EM. they are just to damn good for anyone, they are going to go 19-0 this year. im just happy bc im going to win big in my league with moss and brady carring me all the way, oh yea i have lt and chester taylor, so run the score up all you pats if thats what people call it, i think its more that the defences suck


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