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  • Hittem Hittem Oct 26, 2007 10:58 PM Flag

    This is Clearer

    I need better recievers to stay in first place ,what do you think, how much do you know to stay in first,who should i give up,

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    • Also--you don't really need 2 defenses or two quarterbacks on your team, especially since Campbell isn't that good and Palmer already had his bye. Maybe try and package up JAX or BAL defense with Campbell and Berrian and see if you can get any bites for decent receivers if you are desperate, but I say wait a week or two, especially if you're in first place. Remember, it's not about the regular season, it's about long-term and playoffs

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      • Alright how about trading Peterson for Westbrook, u seem to know what your talking about after these statistics, please explain
        Week 7 at Dallas Cowboys 10/21/07 at 4:15pm ET
        Week 8 Philadelphia Eagles 10/28/07 at 12:00pm ET
        Week 9 San Diego Chargers 11/4/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 10 at Green Bay Packers 11/11/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 11 Oakland Raiders 11/18/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 12 at New York Giants 11/25/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 13 Detroit Lions 12/2/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 14 at San Francisco 49ers 12/9/07 at 4:05pm ET
        Week 15 Chicago Bears 12/17/07 at 8:30pm ET
        Week 16 Washington Redskins 12/23/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 17 at Denver Broncos 12/30/07 at 4:15pm ET


        Week 7 at Washington Redskins 10/21/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 8 bye
        Week 9 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11/4/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 10 Detroit Lions 11/11/07 at 4:15pm ET
        Week 11 at Cincinnati Bengals 11/18/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 12 San Francisco 49ers 11/25/07 at 4:05pm ET
        Week 13 Cleveland Browns 12/2/07 at 4:05pm ET
        Week 14 at Seattle Seahawks 12/9/07 at 4:05pm ET
        Week 15 at New Orleans Saints 12/16/07 at 1:00pm ET
        Week 16 Atlanta Falcons 12/23/07 at 4:05pm ET
        Week 17 St. Louis Rams 12/30/07 at 4:15pm ET
        i dont know why but i feel Westbrook can do more with this schedule but how can u let go of Peterson.

    • you should try and pick up an emerging receiver like Ike Hilliard, Arnaz Battle, Roddy White, or at least wait to see what Chambers role will be in SD before you throw your team under the bus. Chambers could be just the deep-threat that Rivers needs, or he could open the door for Vincent Jackson to finally get some good looks. Don't break up the core of your team for a receiver YET


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