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  • Chris B Chris B Oct 16, 2007 9:43 PM Flag

    wide feciever problems

    I know its early in the week but I have too many recievers and I dont know who to pick. Im not in a ppr league. I need 3

    Welker against Mia
    Stallworth against Mia
    Derrick Mason agains Buf
    Engram against StL
    Brandon Marshall against Pit
    Calvin Johnson against TB

    I kindof want to take Welker and Stallworth but is it bad to have 2 recievers from the same team? just somebody help me pick?

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    • I would start Derrick Mason, hands down. Baltimore's offense is only ranked 14th in passing, but when you put them up against the second worst defense against the pass, the bills, it's looking mighty good. I'd also start Welker, he's more of a possesion receiver and receptions are going to be everything against Miami since their defense is ranked 6th in passing. The last receiver I'd go with is Engram. Branch is dealing with an injury and might not see playing time again this week. Seattle is a top 10 passing offense, going up against a middle of the road passing defense.

    • go with welker stallworth and marshall

    • Welker and stallworth were money last week against the unbeaten cowboys. They got Miami this week and to me that spells huge fantasy numbers. I would definetly go with these 2.

    • i'd take welker and stallworth just because they are playin the dolphins and brady's gonna bomb on em all day long but i don't know about the third one im between mason and engram


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