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  • Spann Spann Sep 1, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    Stats already applied

    It's 10:16am ET on Monday 9/1 and there are already stats on the games. How does that occur and will they stay applied?

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    • Yahoo will retroactively apply suspended game stats to the participating players. If you're in a weekly head to head league, the suspended game stats don't count. They do this through corrections ... so we're stuck with errant live scoring, perhaps for the entire week until the corrections are posted. What a drag, eh!?

    • Relax people... It is now only 8:30am PT at Yahoo on a holiday weekend... Give them time to figure out what to do...

    • so...are those stats applied retroactively to that suspended game or do they count toward this week?

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      • Good question., new pitcher and new lineups according to CBS

        "The first game will pick up with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning from a game tied 2-2 that was suspended by rain on May 22. Each team will use a new pitcher and lineup since the rosters have changed, and could benefit from the expanded rosters."

    • Suspended games
      If a game is suspended, the stats for those players will count on the date the game was suspended.
      Once play resumes, additional stats earned for the players affected will be applied retroactively to the original date play was suspended.
      - Head-to-Head leagues will not have any stats applied retroactively if play is resumed after the Head-to-Head matchup is final.
      When suspended game stats are updated, we process them as a Stat Correction, so they can be applied retroactively to the date of the original of the game.
      All official scoring corrections are updated every Monday.
      - Under the "Players" tab, click Stat Corrections to view the listing of stat corrections that are pending or have been completed.
      If you review the stat corrections page for the week the game impacted, you will see the player stats in question. If you review your team page for the date of the original game, you will see those corrections after we process them on Monday morning.
      - Since we only process stat corrections each week on Monday, there is typically a posting delay.
      In Head-to-Head leagues, corrections will be processed only if they apply to the most recently completed matchup.

    • there was a suspended game last night that will resume today. i came on here to try to find the rules. i don't see why the guy i'm playing who has hunter pence should be awarded with a home run he hit yesterday. can anybody find the official Yahoo rule?


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