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  • Mike W Mike W Aug 23, 2014 10:54 PM Flag

    Commissioner authority?

    Does the commissioner in a private league have the authority to reinstate a vetoed trade of the league default settings? I know Yahoo will not intervene - but what recourse does an owner have when a league commish puts through a trade that was vetoed by the league required rules? #dirtycommish

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    • Thanks for the replies! In a public league - this scenario could not happen, however because it is a private league, the 'commissioner' has administrative rights to pretty much do what ever they want - without recourse. It can be quite frustrating to have no alternative options.

    • As a Commish, I won't overturn a veto. But I request that folks explain why they vetoed the trade and let those involved campaign for and explain the trade. But I can't force them to. That's only fair. Then The two managers put it up for another vote. A commissioner shouldn't wield enough power to change the game but should command enough respect be allowed to mediate disputes. But in my mind a veto is only used to stop cheaters and collusion.

    • As a respected commissioner I allow both sides to present their cases for a trade that is vetoed by the league. If both sides present valid and thoughtful reasoning behind each of their reasons for doing the trade and my #$%$ alarm doesn't go off (and being former military and now police I have a very very keen #$%$ alarm) I allow the trade to go through. I don't believe the league should have final say in a trade veto as there is a lot of unwarranted reasons that people veto that are not always fair to the trading partners. I allow the trade veto option for the other owners to speak their minds and then the trading partners must convince me as commissioner why the trade should be allowed to go through, About 75% of league vetoes have remained vetoed through my commissioner review process. And yes I make sure that this practice is clearly posted and known before the season starts and draft occurs and folks who do not agree with this are free to pursue other leagues but I must say it has been well received and works wonderfully.


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