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    Fair Draft?

    Without revealing my own opinion, I am going to paste the rules for my league's draft along with an example draft under these rules. I'd like input on whether you think they are fair or not.

    *Each team may enter the draft with up to 15 players kept from their roster from the
    previous year. Each team must keep a minimum of 10 players.

    *Teams that have fewer than 15 players at the time of the draft will pick from lowest finish
    to highest finish in a non-snaking manner until all teams have 15 players.

    *Once all teams have 15 players under control, the draft will continue in a standard snaking manner beginning with the last place team.

    Here is an example:

    Teams are alphabetical in reverse order of finish last season - Team A was last, Team H was the champion.

    Team A kept 12
    Team B kept 11
    Team C kept. 11
    Team D kept. 14
    Team E kept 15
    Team F kept. 14
    Team G kept. 15
    Team H kept. 13

    Round 1 (Overall pick)
    1. Team B (1)
    2. Team C (2)

    Round 2
    1. Team A (3)
    2. Team B (4)
    3. Team C (5)

    Round 3
    1. Team A (6)
    2. Team B (7)
    3. Team C (8)
    4. Team H (9)

    Round 4
    1. Team A (10)
    2. Team B (11)
    3. Team C (12)
    4. Team D (13)
    5. Team F (14)
    6. Team H (15)

    Round 5
    Normal snaking draft begins –
    1. Team A (16)
    2. Team B (17)
    3. Team C (18)
    4. Team D (19)
    5. Team E (20)
    6. Team F (21)
    5. Team G (22)
    6. Team H(23)

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    • Those rules are fair.

      • 1 Reply to Matthew
      • For a bit more info - here are the arguments the 2 sides are making:

        Side 1 - Choosing keepers from your roster is the equivalent of a draft pick. You have to decide if those 11th-15th players on your team are worth the draft picks. It's a simple and compelling argument.

        Side 2 - There are several complaints here -

        1. Keepers and the draft should be separate entities. Keeper rules should support good decisions by managers and the draft should be a fair method of disseminating uncontrolled players, much like real MLB.
        2. I don't get the pick I earned For example, Team G finished 2nd, and should get the 7th over all pick. But, that team gets the 22nd overall pick in the example.
        3. Why would the last place ever keep more than 10?
        4. It unnecessarily creates an unfair advantage at the draft for teams that have worse rosters, and effectively punishes managers that put together strong rosters.
        5. This league has always attempted to mimic real MLB whenever possible, and the MLB draft is not dependent on the 40 man roster - in other words, the Cubs don't get multiple picks before the Cardinals simply because of the number of players they control.

        As a manager, I can see both sides (and, in fact, have argued on both sides).

        As commissioner, my stance is leaning towards doing away with min/max keepers and just having a set number. It seems to me that anyone feeling like they are being treated unfairly is bad for the league.


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