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  • Levon Levon Jul 12, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    Should this trade have been vetoed?

    Team A gets: Tulo and Felix
    Team B gets: Lucroy, J Abreu, and Josh Beckett

    This trade was just vetoed in my league and I'm wondering if it should not have been. Any input would help, thanks.

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    • I think it is lopsided if it is a 1 catcher league, but if it is a 2 catcher league Lucroy would have big time value. I would say that this trade has an obvious winner, but it is fair enough to go thru. The current Yahoo ranks for this season are: Felix 1, Tulo 3, Beckett 50, Abreu 13, and Lucroy is 63. I wouldn't vote it down, but I would say that it is worth a hard look.

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      • As long as both teams are trying to improve themselves, then the trade should go through. Cockroft's overall rankings going forward has Tulo ranked #7 and Felix #10. Giving up those two players for Abreu (#12), Lucroy (#86) and Beckett (ranked outside the top 250) on the surface seems unfair. Granted it's only one man's opinion, but the implication here is that Beckett is not draftable in a 10 team standard league going forward (remember what he has done so far does not count).

        The question here is are both teams trying to improve? It certainly looks like team B is not trying to improve because it is giving up two top 10 players in exchange for one borderline top ten player, a borderline top 50 player and a player outside the top 250.

        And (this is for you Dugsmok) if team B is not trying to improve his team, then what exactly is he/she trying to do? It looks like "cahoots." It smells like "cahoots." Guess what?

      • Steve...Read my post. It does not matter if the trade is lopsided. It does not matter how the players are ranked. It does not matter if it is a 2 catcher league.

        The only thing that matters is: If these two owners are in cahoots, trying to stack one team, then it should be vetoed. If that's not the case: The trade MUST happen

    • AS ALWAYS: A trade should never be vetoed unless there is suspicion of collusion. It does not matter if it is a fair trade or one team becomes super stacked or whatever.

      This question should never be asked but idiots still veto trades because some people think that they are not fair.

      Once again... A trade should never be vetoed unless there is suspicion of collusion Period...End of story....Nothing else to see here folks...


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