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  • osubuckeye4 osubuckeye4 Jul 11, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    "P" eligible only players

    I've noticed a few players (Jimmy Nelson for example) that are only eligible at the P position, not SP or RP. I understand the general eligiblity rules, but, I'm unclear as to how a guy like Lucas Giolito (who has less than 30 starts, none above A ball) can be qualified at SP... and somene like Nelson (who has 90+ minor league starts... and started 15 games at AAA last year), can not have SP eligiblity.

    My bigger concern is... will someone like Lucas Giolito lose his SP eligiblity next year if he doesn't start at least 3 MLB games? I worry about this, because my dynasty league doesn't have a P slot.

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    • Last year, Nelson pitched 4 times in the majors. 1 as a starter, 3 as a reliever. He didn't qualify for SP or RP based on those numbers. So this year, he comes up as a P. 3 starts and he'll be an SP.

    • I don't think it's a matter of a player losing SP eligibility. I think it's more that Yahoo didn't have Nelson in the database at the beginning of the year and only added him as a P for some reason. It's a one-off error, basically. Most minor leaguers who are in the system will be at either SP or RP-- there seem to be very few P-only players.


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