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  • Steve Krick Steve Krick Jul 11, 2014 4:03 AM Flag

    Need some feedback on trade

    I am the league commissioner but our trade veto is by league vote. I have one team receiving Adam Wainwright and the other team receiving Mark Melancon and MAtt Carpenter while dropping Kyle Seager to make room. The team giving up Wainwright has been inactive, They haven't made one lineup change since week seven and they will be down to only 4 starters if the trade goes thru. I called BS on the league message board, but I was wandering what others think. Am I out of line or is this a BS trade?

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    • To state it more simply, one owner is not trying to improve his team. He is either colluding with the other owner, or blindly accepting whatever trade offer he finds in his inbox. Either one is not in the best interest of the league.

    • I would not allow the trade. Cockroft's current overall rankings going forward on ESPN have Wainwright listed as the #16 player overall. Melancon is #147 and Carpenter is #193. The player being cut, Seager, is #79 which tells me that the team sending Wainwright is CLEARLY not trying to improve his team. Is Carpenter even an improvement for what he already has at his positions?

      Trades that appear to be uneven are perfectly fine as long as both teams are trying to improve. For example a team with a huge lead in home runs can easily be allowed to trade Nelson Cruz for Dee Gordon if he needs help in the stolen base category.


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