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    2 Sport Dynasty league is almost ready to start and needs one replacement owner

    The two sports are Baseball and Football. The concept is Dynasty with MLB and NFL Franchises attached to the fantasy team. This post is describing the baseball set up though the football set up will be as close to the football as is allowed due to the difference in sports. In baseball we had a third party website randomly assing a draft order, we are using that draft order to pick our two franchises. A snake draft is used to select our TWO MLB teams. Once the two MLB teams have been picked for each manager the names of the franchises will be changed to reflect the two teams that you own and your name will stay the same in the league to avoid confusion over who owns which franchises. Then each manager will select 20 keepers from the yahoo player pool that belong to these two franchises (they can be DL, NA or any other designation as long as they show up in the yahoo player pool). After these 24 players have been chosen there will be a 2 round offline draft to incorporate the players off of the two DEAD MLB franchises (and a few other good players). Then there will be an 4 round online LIVE draft to finish off the rosters. Once the draft is concluded players will pass through a two day waiver period and there will be a FA frenzy to fill all the spots vacated by moving players into NA and DL spots. After the league has got under way we will have each manager pick two players (total) from the recent (June) MLB draft that were selected by his two franchises (or from one of them only) and put them on a protected minor league roster for as long as they maintain rookie eligibility (50 ip, 150 ab).
    Three very important rules in this league
    1. Be active, be very ACTIVE. If you are not logging in almost daily during season you are not going to be active enough for this league. If you are the type of manager who only makes a few moves a year you are not going to be active enough for this league. If you cannot make your draft picks in the 12 hour window you are allotted you are not active enough for this league.
    2. Be mature, no whining or telling the LM how to do things. The core of this league (9 owners) all play in one VERY WELL run league and love how things are done in that league. We do not tolerate whining. If you do not like the league we will simply replace you and find someone who WANTS to play in the league. Rules that affect the drafting of players will NEVER be changed durning a season once the league has drafted and that is about the only thing WORTHY of complaining about.
    3. Be respectful of other owners in the league in your email and league posting. This is an ADULT league and there will be no name calling, questioning the judgement of other players or attacks in any way that are permitted.
    All that having been said, in the 16 team yahoo dynasty league in which 9 of these owners currently play there has not even been a single issue this whole year. Not a single owner removed, not a single rule changed and not a single complaint by any owner. I admit there were a few problems at the beginning of the first year as it takes a while to tweak ownership to a good stable core (the same thing might happen here with a few replacements) but we stabalised in that league and it is a lot of fun.

    We are currently in the two round offline stage but one of the owners is being problematic and we feel it is better to replace him now than to wait until after football has started and the new owner would not be able to select his own football teams.

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