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  • The comish in my league is in first currently, ahead of me by 4 pts, the next nearest team is 25 behind me. I have made two trades in the last few days that were very fair, and accepted by both teams. I have made up over 20 pts of ground in the last month, closing in on the first place comish. I proposed a trade to another team, corey dickerson and kole calhoun, for adam jones. It was accepted by the other team. And the comish vetod it, the only reason is bc it will make me better, thus closing in closer to him. It is a fair trade, and statistically close, not lopsided at all. There is no reason to veto, and he gave no reason. Both myself and the team i proposed it to are unhappy. This is clearly a last ditch effort to stave me off from overtaking him once and for all. What can be done. We both complained on our leagues message board. And i even made it a vote. I proposed the trade again, what can be done ?///and can yahoo over-ride his veto. Someone who is bias and petty should not be comish. .....please help, thanks

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    • THat's why you never play in a league that allows for a Commish to approve trades!

    • sounds like your playing well winning and making up ground with players you have why all the need for a trade and all the fuss play ball

    • Wow... that seems like a totally reasonable trade in my opinion, even though it clearly favors you. Cockcroft at ESPN just listed Dickerson as the #33 ranked OF going forward and Calhoun at #37 - both are viable fantasy starters. Adam Jones was ranked as the #4 OF. Essentially you are trading two nickels for a dime which is a good strategy. I would allow the trade if the team sending you Jones clearly can use both players he is getting in return in his starting lineup (as outfielders or in a UT position). But if that team is trading you Jones for players that will ride his bench then he is clearly colluding with you in order to take commissioner's team down.

      I guess what I am saying is that I do not have enough information for render a verdict - but on the surface the trade looks OK.

    • Time for a new league.. Nothing can be done, yahoo has enough going on that they can't weigh in on every minor squabble


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