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    I'm interested in learning about what can be done about an ex-manager who has been banned from my league and is now threatening me via email. Does Yahoo have a mechanism for reporting this kind of behavior? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Yahoo won't do anything. Maybe you should give him a mulligan and let him play in your league again. Then let him drop Fielder and make so-so trades. Dictator commissioners deserve some backlash for their overreactions.

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      • Actually, in the guy's defense, most of his roster moves were perfectly reasonable, had it been a redraft league. The Fielder drop was probably a result of his not understanding it's a keeper league. At the suggestion of several other managers, I sent him a friendly email explaining it was a keeper league and why I was giving him a mulligan on that roster move. If he'd been even remotely civil, of course I'd have allowed him to drop Fielder again and remain in the league. In six years as commissioner, I believe I've vetoed one trade (and that was four years ago --I might let that one go now, if I could do it all over again). The manager in this instance received multiple warnings, but he just couldn't keep his temper under control. The other managers in the league urged me to ban the guy. That's why he was removed. I'd hardly call that dictatorial on my part.

    • Are you shaking in your shoes? Looking out the front window for a black Escalade with tinted windows cruising by? Mark his email address for junk mail and move on!


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