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    2 sport 2 franchise Dynasty

    I was in an interesting 2 sport Dynasty League on ESPN that folded because people were veto happy and would like to start another. The sports are football and baseball. Baseball will start for the second half of this year and football will start in Aug. The concept is 2 sports and 2 teams per sport. A random draft order is assigned from an outside source and there is a two round (offline) draft to pick your two franchises. it is a snake draft so the team that picks first will also pick 28th, the team that picks 14th will also pick 15th. The minor league system will be very small and will comprise of players from your two franchises. Once our two teams have been chosen each owner will pick 15 players (from the yahoo player pool - either minor league or pros) from their two franchises with at least five players coming from each team. Once those fifteen players are entered in as keepers there will be a 15 round draft to fill out the 30 player roster. The order for this draft will once again be random and will be provided by an outside site. The draft will be Sunday July 13th at 3:45 pm so I need to get the league filled so that the offline portion can happen. If you are knowledgeable in baseball and football and are an active NON WHINING manager you might be a good fit. Leave a message below or send me an email to my yahoo id which is kriggy62.

    I copied and pasted this for my LM who is unable to post this message here for some reason.

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