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    Can you limit a "daily" to less than 7 days per week lineup changes?

    Hi. This year I'm running a weekly league on Yahoo. Most GM's didn't want to spend the extra time playing in a daily ( 7 days per week) league. Next year, I'd like to change to a "daily" league, but again some GM's don't want 7 days a week on fantasy responsibility. Does anyone know if you set up a "daily" league....can you limit the days of the week that you can actually set your lineup ( to less than 7 days per week)? I know we are allowed to pick which day(s) you want transactions to occur through the week. I'd like to do the same with picking which days you can set you starting lineup each week ( to save time and not require 7 days a week lineup changes). Thanks for any help.

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    • Yahoo! has daily changes and weekly changes, no other variations.
      What you could do, is establish a league rule that only allows updates on certain days. You'd need to have a daily league, with the specifics of the rule, and the commish would reverse any activity that violated the league rule.

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      • it would just be honor rule and ya, comish would reverse any transaction done against that rule. you'd have to watch for it though, since if you missed and somebody got some stats they didn't deserve the whole league would likely freak out since they never had the right to break that rule (whatever the rule is). i'm in a hockey league that's deep enough that comish put a rule in place that any of us 16 teams can only have 2 active goalies on roster at a time. One owner violated the rule 3 times, which finally got the comish to tell him if it was done one last time he'd have his best goalie dropped. he stopped.


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