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  • James James Jun 24, 2014 12:42 AM Flag

    1400 Totals Innings Pitch Limit

    Can anyone please tell me how this is calculated? 1400 innings doesn't seem enough to me. 1400/162=8.64 innings. Yet there are two roster spots of starting pitchers. If someone could explain the rationale behind this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    • If you have seven starters, not all of them are going to give you 200 innings this year. And they aren't all going to give you seven innings a start. And I will also assume you don't have middle relief pitchers in your league unless you use holds as a category. This means your guys really don't throw the 8th inning of their real games. So you have guys who throw the first six or seven innings, and your closers who throw the ninth. There's your 1400 innings. Leagues that use holds should of course have a higher innings pitched limit.

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      • Thank you for the reply. So for calculations purposes, it's as simple as a pitch an inning - subtract an inning. My thinking is, if the league allows you to have two starting pitchers in the lineup, 1400 innings is not enough. Let's say both starters average 5 innings an outing. 5 x 2 = 10. 10 x 162 = 1620, you're still over the 1400 inning limit and that doesn't include the closers. My starters have thrown 601 innings in 75 games (8.01 avg.) that's for one pitcher not two. Hopefully they will look into this for next year.

    • The 1400 limit has a different purpose than what you are thinking about. The limit was determined to be an acheivable number for all teams to hit while being selective on who they started during the season. It prevents a team from overloading on pitchers and just bombing the league with Ks and Wins on sheer numbers by accumulating 1700 innings in a season.

      Most players are selective on who they start in order to focus on keeping their ERA and Whip numbers down during the season, and will skip starts for, just an example, a pitcher making his first start when coming off the DL.

      The 1400 inning limit makes the manager focus on the decision of selectivity instead of just streaming pitchers all season.

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      • Sah, thank you your reply and insight. I understand what you are saying, about being selective and the overloading deal and all. What doesn't make sense to me is a team can have two utility spots considered as starters for the hitters, and they are allotted 324 games. So why then only allow 8.64 innings per game for pitchers especially if the league offers two SP spots? Just my thoughts and opinion.


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