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  • Extavernmouse Extavernmouse Jun 12, 2014 1:02 PM Flag

    How does a commissioner know if members vote against a trade?

    I run a commissioner-decides league and have a trade that I think is marginal. But I think the league should decide; we're commissioner-decides just to speed up the process. My question is: If someone presses the disalllow-trade button, how do I find out? Do I get sent a message?

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    • If you run a commissioner decides league, they do not hit a button to disallow the trade, they would need to send you an email protesting the trade.

    • Jeff's right, they won't even see a veto button. Overturning the trade is entirely up to you. You may get emails from managers protesting if the trade is lopsided but you may not. You could also post a message on your league asking the managers involved to defend their side of the trade. But again, you're not obligated to do that. Just remember that while some of the managers may feel you're being democratic and fair minded, there will be others who may see it as weakness or a shirking of your responsibility. Tough to please everyone. Wait a bit to see if you get any protests, then just use your best judgement and stand by your decision. Good luck.

    • If you switch to "LEAGUE VOTES" you as Commish will not see who vetoed trade.


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