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  • Chiefdogg Chiefdogg Jun 6, 2014 1:08 PM Flag

    2nd season 20 team Salary Cap Auction Keeper needs 1 replacement owner, active daily

    The current owner is keeping his lineups updated until someone can take his spot. This is a highly active and competitive league and the new owner should be also....Contact me at Bobmarley7400 at Yaho for more info...

    All teams must keep 10 players..Salaries increase $5 or 10% whichever is greater....Salaries can be located on the LEAGUE page under DRAFT CENTRAL and LAST SEASON. All teams must be under the cap by March 2nd....Keepers acquired through waivers need to be looked up.....

    .1 rule change this year. All players will be on Continuous Waivers....This is not built for STREAMING but teams can if they put in extra work...



    1. All Team names must have a REAL CITY name and MASCOT.

    2. All teams must have an open email so they can be contacted.

    3. All teams are required to keep 10 players

    4. All teams are required to fill their daily lineups whether or not they are in the playoff race. It takes 5 minutes to set your lineup for the week on Sunday...If you want to make daily changes you can make them afterwards.

    The Team Auction Budget is set to $260 per team. Use it or lose it. You can not carry over Auction funds post draft.


    If you acquire a player you also acquire his salary.

    Teams that do not make the playoffs will get an extra $50 for the Auction the following season. This is a luxury and does not go towards actual cap space. Your teams salary cap remains at $260 and you must account for $1 for the 15 empty roster spot going into the draft. That means the minimum team cap going into next season is $75


    10 Keepers per team

    Every team will have a $260- budget minus the players they keep. Non playoff teams will have $310. $50 of which is not included towards the salary cap budget.

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    • You will not find a stronger built league Every manager is active daily, competitive, respectful and knowledgeable. Managers range from about 20 to 50 years old. We will take anyone that shares our same traits that wishes to become a part of what my owners consider the best free league they have ever been involved in.


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