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  • Walter Walter Jun 4, 2014 6:23 AM Flag

    No drop list for non draft players?

    !st of all why??How can you reset setting to be able to drop?Remember this is people i added well into the season

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    • In a private league you can ask your commissioner to disable the list. If it's a public league, no, you can't reset or turn off the can't cut list. You can still trade the player in question, you just can't drop him. If you picked up someone off the wire who found their way onto the can't cut list then they must be putting up good numbers.

      Who are you concerned about, someone like Dozier? Work out a trade if you don't think he'll keep up the pace. Don't say no one will deal for him until you try. Remember, you've already declared you'd drop the guy if you could so keep making offers, start high and work your way lower until you make it happen.


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