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  • Ultrasurblanco Ultrasurblanco Jun 2, 2014 4:46 PM Flag

    Please help: improving league sociability

    So more than half of us started in the same town, we met up all the time, but you know, life interferes with fantasy baseball. We're scattered over five time zones. We're starting to have... issues.

    One owner is psychotically paranoid about trades, a couple others are sensitive about snarky comments, and a couple are scared to say anything because they don't know the rest of us.

    Give me some ways to make the league friendlier. (It's not for money, it's redraft, and about 10-12 of 14 of us know what we're doing.) All suggestions welcome. The level of league surliness is becoming stifling.

    We hosted our football on my-fantasy-lg, a pay site, and they have a chat box where you just type a comment in the box on the front page and hit return (not in a message thread). The last 10-20 messages are continuously displayed. That works great because it's so easy to just type some random thoughts to get friendly conversations going. Yahoo doesn't seem to have that. If it did, I think our problems would be solved. Since we don't have that, do you have any other suggestions on how to make our league more mellow and more fun? Thanks.

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