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  • Dewey D Dewey D May 31, 2014 7:28 PM Flag

    How does your league handle inactive managers?

    how does your league handle inactive managers? Replace them, fine, bench raid? Have an issue with one manager and wondering what other leagues do.

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    • I currently commish 6 leagues.....4 of them were brand new 20 team Auction leagues last year....This is how I went about it...I looked for some very interested parties first, I did some scouting to make sure I was bringing in the right people. You should check to see how active the owners were in other leagues first. If your unsure of an owner look to replace them right away......There were some major issues in the first seasons in 2 of the leagues. I had to replace multiple owners but It worked out for the best. I require my guys to active on a very regular basis. I have 20 die hard owners in each league that are active daily or set their lineups a few day ahead for the week. I have zero problems in year 2 because everyone knows what is expected.....I normally scout my other leagues for solid replacements first but sometimes it's good to get someone new to keep things fresh.....Your always going to lose a manager here or there for 1 reason or another but if you build a strong core your league will always be successful......I also make teams uniform by using a City and Mascot with a team logo and an open email address....If their not willing to do the simple things they won't work out.

    • Replace them ASAP. Zombie teams ruin the league for everyone else that is active in it.

    • Replacement is really the only option. If you can't get someone to set lineups or make use of DL slots then chances are slim they'll be motivated by threats to fine them. Hearing about fines makes me think it's a money league. If the guy paid his dues and still doesn't care about his team? Replace him, let someone else take his team for a free test drive.
      As far as "bench raid", no, that's not cool at all. Who decides who gets his best players? That would be a mess and likely tick off the majority of managers who end up with the scraps.

    • I can't imagine penalizing anyone short of removing them... it is the Internet.... If you parent them too much they will simply walk. If a team goes inactive 30 days I post on the home page and email them... after 3 or 4 days if no response I start to market their teams.... this year and last I have had two dead teams in a league of 16.... it is not easy to get new people in....

    • just replace them. Yahoo is having problem in the transferring of teams.


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