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  • Tony Tony May 19, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    i added a player today and he is not in my lineup

    wondering if there's an issue

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    • No, that's how it works. Standard league settings are Daily-Tomorrow, meaning if you pick up a player today he appears on your roster tomorrow.

      The only way to add a player and have him available the same day requires changing that setting to Daily-Today. That's something only your commissioner could change (prior to the start of the season). If he wanted to change the setting now he'd have to contact Yahoo Customer Care to have them make the change.

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      • But it can't be done this season because that setting is locked. It's stupid not to be able to use or reactivate a player and then not be able to use them on the same day you make the move. I just had that happen with Trevor Bauer. I was on-line at 1:30 AM EST Tuesday. His start more than 18 hours away, yet on teams where I had him, the reactivation didn't happen until today! Same with signing him. Everything should be the same do because everything locks at the 30 minute point before the games begin anyway.


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