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  • BurritoT BurritoT May 15, 2014 4:01 AM Flag

    Roster Glitches? Or just poor design on part of yahoo...

    We put that teams could have 4 Bench spots... I see two of my teams have 6 players on the bench, and both left to Pitcher slots open which I guess enabled them to create 2 additional Bench spots where they quietly added two more offensive players.

    This is NOT what I had in mind when I limited rosters to 4 Bench spots. Clearly the managers are taking advantage of the loop-hole as we only require 30 innings pitched...

    Any feedback or opinions on this?

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    • Looking at the last two replies should serve as a good reminder about what happens when you try to enforce rules not supported by Yahoo.
      @Bob + AUricle; you're both right, you can't cheat the roster limits. But you're both missing the point of Burrito T's issue. He was hoping to enforce rules about how bench slots are used in order to prevent managers from using all six spots on hitters.

    • May not be anything wrong. You could put your whole team on the bench if you want to..........but you can only roster the number of players yahoo defaults to...or your league allows. Just count the number of players on those teams. There is no way to scam the roster limit.

    • Is the total roster limit still intact? If so, your managers aren't really doing anything wrong.

    • Agree with Cristoph, too late to change the rules now. I'm assuming this is H2H? Still seems odd, I always thought the big problem was with managers streaming starters to capture all the counting stats. Guess this is the same thing only with hitters. How many moves per week? Personally, it would kill me having six hitters on the bench; Off days and playing matchups aside, that just seems like a huge waste when you can only start ( I'm assuming) ten bats.

      As far as setting up and enforcing the rules for next season, good luck. Always have to remember Yahoo doesn't support defined bench roles. Even if you make your rules very explicit you'll find that a few managers will violate them for the simple reason that Yahoo won't prevent it. That can leads to a lot of aggravation and extra work for the commish, imo. But if you start seeking replacement managers and confirm that you have enough like-minded managers on board *and* reform the league early enough, it could work.

    • thats the way the cookie crumbles.
      You can always set rules and enforce them, not a quarter of the way into the season though.
      Next year explain rules to your league


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